Monarchs: A Generative NFT Project
Butterflies emerging spontaneously from the ether, Monarchs is a limited edition series of generative NFTs by Eric Hu with procedural animation by Roy Tatum. Each artwork features a unique one-of-a-kind butterfly with varying wing shapes, colors, bodies, and patterns.
Launched: October 7, 4pm UTC
Editions: 888
Still and Animated
Each Monarch exists as both a still image and an animated video loop pinned decentrally on IPFS.
888 Editions of One
Each Monarch was uniquely and randomly generated and only revealed themselves after minting. Only 888 will ever exist in total.


Eric Hu is an artist and creative director with an international reputation for creating genre-defining visual identities and artwork for clients in the fashion, music, and technology space including Nike, Chanel, Netflix, SSENSE, Pyer Moss, etc. Along with Matthew Tsang, Eric is also creative director for Mold Magazine.
Roy Tatum
Roy Tatum is an Austin-based artist, designer, and educator whose practice encompasses all three activities. His career has spanned a wide range of design and technology related roles, from designing flexible wearables at a material science company, to creating digital experiences at Nike. Outside of client based work, he is also adjunct professor of. generative typography at ArtCenter College of Design.
Extended Team:
@Yuri_Beats — Community Support
Roadmap: Post 100% Mint
Decentralized Metadata:
Metadata will move to an IPFS pinned URI, ensuring full decentralization of media files, metadata, and smart contracts.
Final Rarity Count:
A final analysis of Monarch ranking in rarity traits will be conducted via rarity tools
Extended Portal:
An online gallery section with individual display pages for each Monarch will be made available to browse on the Monarchs homepage.
NFT Accelerator:
The Monarchs team will redistribute a portion of the funds from the sale to formally launch Decentralized Beauty, an initiative to onboard, fund, incubate, and mentor underrepresented artists who have been systemically and artistically disadvantaged or excluded from participating in the Web3 ecosystem. All Monarch holders will enjoy exclusive benefits from this effort. More details to come.